Wisdom, 27 Rajab 1439

Three mistakes that are common in our everyday lives

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  1. Wasting time.
  2. Talking about matters that don’t concern us, matters that are none of our business. “From the goodness of one’s Islam is leaving alone that which does not concern him.”
  3. Being preoccupied with trivial issues. Listening to rumors, predictions, and gossip are three common examples. Having this characteristic results in paranoia, anxiety, and a lack of purpose in life.

“So Allah gave them the reward of this world, and the excellent reward of the Hereafter.” (Quran 3:148)

“My Guidance shall neither go astray, nor fall into distress and misery.” (Quran 20:123)

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Source: Don't Be Sad (p. 280-281) by Dr. Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni


You shape your life through your daily acts. If you indulge in the afore-mentioned mistakes, you are doing yourself an injustice. If you do not respect your time, no one else will. If you do not value your life, no one else will. The activities you spend your time in today will shape your tomorrow. So what is it that you want your tomorrow to be? A waste or an impact? If latter, then you need to stop making these mistakes, start being productive, and stay committed to living an impactful life! 

Friday Wisdom, 20 Rajab 1439

Accept life as it is


The pleasures of life are short-lived, and more often than not, they are followed by sorrow. Life means responsibility, a journey wherein change is constant and difficulties are relentless in their onslaught.

You will not find a father, a wife, or a friend who is free from problems. Allah has willed for this world to be filled with two opposites: good and evil, righteousness and corruption, happiness and misery. Thus goodness, uprightness, and happiness are for Paradise; evil, corruption, and misery are for the Fire. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “This world is cursed along with all that is in it, except for these: the remembrance of Allah, what follows it (i.e. good deeds and whatever Allah loves), the scholar, and the student.”

So live according to your reality without always envisioning the ideal life, one that is free from worry, and toil. Accept life as it is and adapt accordingly to all circumstances. You will not find in this world such things as the flawless companion or the perfect situation, because flawlessness and perfection are qualities that are foreign to this life. It is necessary for us to make amends; to take what is easy and leave what is difficult; and very frequently, to overlook the faults and mistakes of others.


Source: Don't Be Sad (p. 59) by Dr. Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

7 Productive Things To Do In Your Free Time

blue horizontal abstract by siddhesh rane
blue horizontal abstract by siddhesh rane

Free time can be a blessing or nuisance, depending on how much you have it and what you do with it. A few days of free time, every now and then, is not only healthy but imperative as well. You get to set yourself free from the daily hectic life and relax, run pending errands, catch-up on movies and TV shows, travel to a new city or country, and spend quality time with family and friends. So as long as it lasts for a few days, or even a couple of weeks, it is a blessing. But  what to do with months of time on hand? This is the question that many of us are bothered by at some point in life, and so was I.

Instead of continuously lamenting over my situation or staying in bed for most of the day, I thought maybe this is in fact a blessing for me after years of hard work, sleepless nights, aching body, and tired mind. So I started to think of ways to make productive use of the time on hand, to turn what would have otherwise easily been a nuisance into a blessing. The questions I asked myself were: what are the things I like to do or would like to do, and what can I do to add value to myself? Below are my top picks for productive things, most of which I have done and found entertaining as well, that will also help you in making the most out of your lasting free time:

  1. Master your talent
    • The talent you once upon a time discovered but never had time to master, now is your chance to do so. Read about it, learn from the experts, and practice it daily. Public speaking, sewing, baking, photography….whatever it is become an expert, and you might even be able to make a living out of it.
  2. Learn new skills
    • One of the best self-investments is to spend time in expanding your array of skills. List down the skills that will help you grow and spend time working on them. The better you become and the better you are able to perform various tasks, the easier life will be for you on both personal and professional fronts. 
  3. Register for online courses
    • They are not only a great way of adding an extra glimmer onto your resume, but also perfect for expanding your knowledge base. Your talents and skills may set you apart, but your knowledge of multiple subjects is what will give you comprehensive perspective for successfully solving problems and creating opportunities.
  4. Watch documentaries
    • If you do not like to read or restrict your knowledge expansion to the framework of a course, you can instead grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy your time while learning through documentaries. Decide on the number of hours you can daily dedicate to watching documentaries and make sure to learn something new everyday.
  5. Signup for volunteer activities
    • They offer three-in-one benefit. You gain personal satisfaction by helping others, experience life in a new setting, and expand your social circle by connecting with new people. So list down the potential volunteer activities you would be interested in and look them up.
  6. Join social groups
    • Whether in the virtual world or real life, social groups keep you productively busy and socially connected at the same time. What type of group would interest you: fitness, reading, cooking, or a different type? Search online or ask around in your community, and join the one that best fits your interests.
  7. Plan your life
    • It is true that life will never be exactly as you plan, but planning will give you a clear direction towards which to steer the gears next. So reflect on the life lived so far, think what you want to do next personally and professionally, write down the things you need to do to achieve new goals, and get into action.

If you are someone with months of time on hand, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Make sure to spend your free time in the most productive manner by improving yourself in all the possible ways you can, and preparing yourself for the opportunities soon to land your way. You may never get this time again, and you definitely do not want to look back later in life and regret thinking if only you had done something different with this time. So which activity are you going to start with to make productive use of your free time? Let me know in the comments below.

So Much So….

abstract by clyfford still
abstract by clyfford still

So many years in the years lived.

So many emotions in the feelings stirred.

So much lost in the beliefs believed.

So much gained in the hopes lasted.

So much to contemplate about the so much happened.

So much so the so much yet to happen is so much lived.

Friday Wisdom, 13 Rajab 1439

Do not feel deprived as long as you have a loaf of bread, a glass of water, and clothes on your back.


A mariner once became lost at sea, and remained lost for twenty-one days. When he was saved, someone asked him what the greatest lesson was that he took away with him from the experience. He answered, “The biggest lesson that I learned from it was that if you have fresh water and sufficient food, you should never complain.”

It has been said that , “Life in its entirety is a morsel of food and a drink of water. Whatever exceeds that is excess.”

Jonathan Swift said that the best doctors in the world are “the proper diet doctor,” “the rest doctor” and, “the doctor of happiness…”

The reasoning behind Swift’s comment is that corpulence is a reprehensible disease that causes the level of one’s intelligence to diminish. Meanwhile, rest and moderation and happiness are satisfying forms of nourishment for the mind, heart, and soul.


Source: Don't Be Sad (p. 165) by Dr. Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni